Institutes of all size can take live classes as per their need with as less as Rs. 50/- per session. With live classes’ education never stops due to events like extreme weather conditions, bandh, need for coaching at odd times etc. Teacher can take classes from anywhere and students can attend the class from anywhere. Special features of the live classes makes taking and managing the live class easy for teachers and attending live lectures easy for the students.

How To Setup Pen & Paper Mode Live Class

How To Setup TAB Mode Live Class

Tutorial Video for Teachers

Step 1. How To Sign-Up And Log In​​

Step 2. How To Buy a Live Class Session

Step 3. How To Share Student Link​

Step 4. How To Manage Live Class

How Students Can Enjoy Live Classes

Step 1. How Students Can Join Videos Lectures​

Step 2. How Students Can Use Features Of Live Classes