Kishtab's Vision for Future of Education

Kishtab was conceived and developed by Iribis Private Limited. We are a handful of electronics and computer science engineers, based out of India. We have designed and developed software products, and have managed and delivered projects for over two decades. We set out on a mission to break the inefficient, administration heavy, corporate dystopia of the India IT industry, and create an example of a technologically superior lean mean delivery machine. In the course of this journey, we had the realization that we needed to go beyond software development. We had received a lot from the society all throughout our student lives and our professional careers. It was time to do something in return.

That brought us to Kishtab. We wanted to start an education platform. After all, education ought to be one of the core pillars on which the nation needs to be built on. Even after seven decades of independence, we have not been able to provide education to the vast majority of our countrymen. To those who have been fortunate enough to receive it, we have not been able to convey the true meaning of it. To many, getting education has become synonymous with squeezing oneself through the plethora of competitive examinations, grabbing hold of a college seat, not doing much about it for few years, and finally getting a job. We are a country of a billion plus people with hardly any innovation to talk about in over a 100 years.

Our education has deficiency both in quality and in outreach. Interestingly, our country also has very good teachers. They are just not accessible to all. Many schools have a shortage of teaching staff. Some students spend hours commuting in crowded local trains and buses to avail an hour of private tuition. Others, who cannot afford the cost or the time, are deprived of it. Here, technology can bridge the gap. Today, many schools, including rural schools, are gifted with computers. Many students, based on the affordability of their families, have access to smart phones. We need to make use of these to promote education. In this web portal, teachers can upload video lessons for different boards and competitive examinations in different languages. They can also create mock tests with different levels of difficulty, again in different languages. Students are able to subscribe and avail these lessons and attempt these mock tests. Students and their parents are able to monitor their progress. They need not have a computer with internet facility. As carrying smart phones is becoming increasingly common among students, all necessary functionality is available in Android app and iOS apps. We also have an offline desktop application that can be installed in schools and other educational institutions. Selected lessons and mock tests can be pre-loaded onto the on-premises hardware.